Heidi Volpe

What is Your Relationship to Time?
What is your relationship to time? How do you measure it’s value, and when you self reflect are you making good use your own time in both work and play? Heidi’s talk takes a deep look into how her relationship with time dramatically changed after a health crisis and talks about the importance of self education when it comes to your health as well as the rewards of taking on risk and pursing happiness in an unconventional manner. She sites examples from her personal experience and experts who've impacted her life in some way.
About Heidi:
Heidi Volpe is a freelance graphic designer and photo director based in Topanga, CA. Some of her clients include Outside Magazine, Red Bull, Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine, and Brazil's Abril Publishing. She publishes a weekly column about photography and consults editorial photographers on branding and site development. She is passionate about cycling, with a penchant for endurance mountain bike racing, specifically long distance single speeding. She is a new backyard bee keeper, launched a gourmet popcorn line, AWESOME POP, in 2014 that focuses on social impact cinema, and is currently flirty with eating Aspire crickets!

Brendan Terry

Plastic is a Human Rights Issue
In a talk sprinkled with personal anecdotes on topics from science projects to international adventure, 17-year-old environmental activist Brendan Terry explains the everyday effects of ocean plastic pollution on all of us. Brendan is a senior at New Roads High School and an Educational Ambassador for the 5 Gyres Institute. In this to-the-point talk, he presents his own perspective: ocean plastic pollution is a critical social justice issue that needs to be dealt with immediately.
About Brendan:
Brendan Terry is a senior at New Roads High School in Santa Monica. He has worked with the 5 Gyres Institute for several years on projects ranging from fundraising to developing a two-phase separation process using vegetable oil and water to extract plastics from other beach debris according to specific gravity. He has also conducted an observational study and written a research paper on the topic of plastic waste. In April, he won the California LegiSchools Essay Contest on Climate Change and was flown to Sacramento to meet with his State Legislators. He also joined 5 Gyres on their most recent expedition from Bermuda to NYC, and he has has given lectures on ocean plastic pollution at several schools around LA. Sustainability, science and education are his greatest passions, and he has integrated these into his new role at 5 Gyres as an educational ambassador.

Gina Cloud

The Intimacy of Tango
Tango conjures up images of passion, but little know that it is a microcosm of intimacy, and a practice which allows us to heal the places inside of us that fear connection. Having danced her whole life, Gina discovered Argentine tango 2 years ago and it has changed her in ways she could not have imagined. Her realization that Argentine tango is also a healing practice inspired her to share the tools and benefits of this art form as a way of helping others heal the most important aspect of their lives: their relationship with themselves and the ability to connect with others. Gina will explore the profound and scientifically documented effects of Argentine tango on the nervous system and the neuroendocrine system as a path for healing body, mind and spirit, and awakening our capacity for deeper intimacy in our lives.
About Gina:
Gina Cloud is the creator and founder of GinaCology, a 10-tenet path for women to live fully awake, alive and empowered, from the inside out, free of media influence. She is the author of "W.O.M.A.N: A New Definition," and a co-author in the national and international bestselling book, "The Power of Being A Woman" She is also a women's health expert, speaker, life coach, tango dancer and the single mother of a 20-year-old daughter. She has hosted her own radio show, with more than 150-episodes, as well has being a guest expert on many radio and TV programs, including KPFK Pacifica, Playboy Radio and The Ricki Lake Show. Her passion for empowering others comes through her words and her presence. She is deeply committed to helping every human being awaken to and live through their fullest potential. www.ginacology.com

Jonathan Woodbury

Only in the last few generations have we known the nature of the stars. Now we take it for granted and rarely think about it. Yet there may be a surprise right under our nose. Could the Sun have a companion star, shining in plain sight, that we have overlooked? Jonathan’s talk will describe how we could have overlooked a companion star for over a century and how we may find it soon.
About Jonathan:
Jonathan Woodbury is an astronomer, physicist, climate scientist, economist, statistician, and software developer. Jonathan spent a year in the Antarctic studying cosmic rays including ten days at the South Pole. He worked as a climate scientist for the US EPA and IPCC where he estimated U.S. and international methane emission inventories. He also help develop the first U.N. IPCC methods for estimating methane emissions from many international sources. Jonathan is an avid cyclist and road racer. Jonathan holds degrees from Swarthmore College and the University of Chicago.

Kären Embrey

Serendipity of Disaster (TBA)
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About Kären:
Kären Embrey, CRNA, EdD. Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology, Keck School of Medicine of USC: Dr. Embrey has been a didactic and clinical instructor of anesthesiology at USC since 2006 where she has also worked as a faculty nurse anesthetist at LAC+USC Medical Center. Prior to this she was a Trauma Nurse Specialist, Mobile Intensive Care Nurse and emergency department nurse manager for more than 20 years. She is a former graduate of the USC, Program of Nurse Anesthesia and received awards for outstanding student leadership in 2006 and instructor of the year in 2012. Dr. Embrey's doctoral research was through the Rossier School of Education at USC. She is an avid trail runner and competitive cyclist. She has also had the opportunity to participate in two USC, Keck School of Medicine sponsored surgical team disaster relief efforts abroad, following the earthquakes in Haiti in 2010 and Nepal in 2015.


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Emma Moore

The common question I encounter is why do you organize these events? It can be a fun way to meet a wide range of individuals outside of my industry. Organizing a TED event helps the community come together to showcase our top ideas and plan for the future. As an organizer, we can not or do not make any money from this type of venture and it is a good way of giving back and connecting with others.
About Emma:
Emma started her software company, Fundamental, in 2002. The core of the company's mindset is to distill the complex into simple solutions. That is where genius resides. Fundamental's projects include Disney, Hyundai, Levi's and many other brands in industries ranging from scientific prototypes to startups. In her spare time, she enjoys triathlons, outdoor excursions, reading, contemplating the universe, and wishing her cats would learn how to clean up after themselves.

Amir Azizi

Amir Azizi is an award winning Director, Author and Educator. He became a best-selling author at the age of 26 after publishing his Digital Filmmaking training kit and less than three years later he was nominated for Best Directing in Turino, Italy.
About Amir:
At the age of 30 he was hired by Broadcasting Research center to become Editor-­in-­Chief of Review Creativity magazine, He changed the magazine’s strategy and his methods were harshly criticized but in less than 5 months the circulation increased by staggering 1750 percent. In 2013 he was hired by Dreambox production company in Istanbul to help them with the lunch Samsung’s Smart TV and Galaxy S4, a year later Smart TV’s show won DSE’s Apex award for The Best Event show of the world in 2014 and Galaxy’s lunch won Silver for 2nd Best Motion Graphics of the year of an event show. A few months after Samsung projects he was hired by Dreambox to write and direct Adeland TV series and after a short period Adeland characters were franchised on sponsor’s billboards, TV ads, website and their product packages. In 2014 he moved from Istanbul to Los Angeles.

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